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Greenland Style Rolling

Greenland Style Rolling, 2-11-09 from Paul Stivers on Vimeo.

Here's a follow-up video. Better camera. Better lighting. Minor narration only on the Eskimo roll. For additional narration, refer to the video immediately below, "Greenland Style Rolling, 2-05-09."

Kayak Low Brace

Kayak Low Brace from Paul Stivers on Vimeo. This is my first podcast. Totally impromptu, outrageously bad camera, and mic hissing. Did it though. Give me feedback. Constructive criticism is good. Here's a few of my thoughts. 

SSTIKS 2007 Hand Roll

SSTIKS 2007 Hand Roll from Paul Stivers on Vimeo.

SSTIKS (South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium) 2007. Trying out an NDK Romany.


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